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About iNoesis

A passionate team that makes Technology Work for Your Business

iNoesis is a start-up software company in chennai, India focusing on mobile & web application development, and e-commerce. The company builds on its solid experience with new knowledge it acquires in such industries as mobile commerce, banking software optimization, development and integration of web application as well as complex web back-end and mobile applications. We have an in-depth expertise to effectively build custom software solutions for your specific business needs by having years of experience, learning from every project and customer. We are an innovative force for our clients, providing them with a dynamic online presence that sets them apart from competitors. 


Position ourselves as leading global software outsourcing services firm. We want to build a long-term and effective business partner with every enterprise who is in need for custom software development services, powered by rich business domain expertise and unique knowledge.


iNoesis Technologies as a leading IT Offshore Development company striving hard to become a global brand in Outsourcing and Development aiming to make its presence across the globe around all parts of the world. The ongoing partnership and employees support headed us as a leading website development provider across the globe that will not be achieved without our client support and affiliate partners. We are next driving force in development that offers everything from website development, mobile apps development, software development to facebook development. We are waiting for you to Be A Partner of Global Brand!

Why iNoesis

We deliver end-to-end software development, quality assurance and support solutions to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups in all stages of funding

Clear Communication

Efficient communication with and within teams means no loose ends for you. With language no bar, you are always on the same page with developers.

Scalable Team

Make your business success-ready with an extremely flexible team at your disposal that lets you expand without cutting corners. We are big enough to scale and small enough to care.

Complete control

From conceptualization to delivery and maintenance, you stay in the driver’s seat at all times. We take your project’s responsibilities while you stay in control.

Intrinsically Agile

Your business needs to keep up with continuously evolving market trends and customer expectations. We are extraordinarily agile so that you can pivot strategies at will.

Transparent conduct

So accessible and open that you’ll feel we are an extended part of your team. Periodic reports, access to tools, and the nurtured transparent culture keeps you abreast of all developments.

End-to-end Services

Be it custom software, cloud solution, mobile application, web app, or any other service, you can leave it all upon us to design, develop, test, maintain, and provide support for the solution.

Technology Expertise

We are proficient in handling emerging technologies to help you build innovative enterprise-grade products and take your business to profitability 2x faster.

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Our Work Process

  • 01


    Research is key for all businesses.

  • 02


    Understanding your customers' or users' motivation is a critical insight

  • 03


    Everything we do starts with design-thinking which is inherent in our organization.

  • 04


    Roadmapping + prioritization Design sprints Early validation + testing Proof of concept → MVP → Production

  • 05

    Business Transformation

    Live Support, Software Maintanance.

Tech Stack and Ample Experience

React JS
Vue JS
Vue JS
Angular JS
Node JS
React Native
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Meet Our Experts

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