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Meet the people who Lead Our Success

Nearly every organization will need to become a tech company in order to compete tomorrow. Yes, even yours. At iNoesis, we are on a mission to help companies to develop competitiveness and agility using the software. We understand that technology is changing rapidly and that organizations need to keep up with the changes in order to remain competitive. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you make the transition to a tech-savvy company.
Tamilselvan Lakshmanan

Tamilselvan Lakshmanan

Founder & CEO

Karthikeyan V

Karthikeyan V

Chief Visionary Officer

CA R Saravanan

CA R Saravanan

Cheif Financial Advisor

Since We Started

Technologies by iNoesis Established in 2010. one of India's top providers of software services in Chennai. concentrating on e-commerce, online and mobile application development. The business expands on its extensive experience with fresh information it gains from areas like mobile business, banking software optimization, web application development and integration, complicated web back ends, and mobile apps.

Project Completed Successfully.
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Meet Our Experts

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